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Does your Hammond organ need maintenance? Collins Organ Service specializes in repair and restoration of vintage Hammond organs and Leslie Speakers. We are located in the city of Concord, North Carolina. We offer Hammond organ repair service to the immediate Charlotte area. We also travel to surrounding cities and states. Contact Mr. Doug Collins at 704-953-4983. Why Choose Collins Organ Service? Our primary field technician is Mr. Doug Collins. Doug Collins is a professional gospel musician/artist who plays and teaches keyboard, piano and Hammond organ. Doug not only plays the Hammond organ, but he also fixes Hammond organs. He knows exactly how the organ is suppose to sound and feel. Many people feel that their Hammond organ is no more good. Perhaps you may even be considering the purchase of a new organ. Before you spend thousands of hard-earned dollars on a new organ, call Collins Organ Service. We will bring your Hammond organ & Leslie speaker back to life. Call 704-953-4983.