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Collins Organ Service repairs Vintage Hammond organs. Is your organ producing hum, buzzes, pops, thumps, clicks, or static? Has your Hammond organ lost it's volume. Has it lost that growl that you are so accustomed to? We know just how to bring those sweet memories back to life.

Tube Amplifier Rebuild or Repair:

We can bring your amplifier back up to the specs that it was designed to be. We can fix it by replacing only components that are very crucial to rectify an evident problem. Better yet, we can just tear it completely apart and install all new quality components to make it sound like a brand new amplifier. Collins Organ Service also specializes in mail-order repair and rebuilding of your Hammond organ preamplifier and Leslie tube amplifier. Contact us.

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wood cabinet refinishing:

Is your organ all beat up and scratched up? Let Collins Organ Service hand-sand and hand-refinish your organ & Leslie speaker for that new lustrous look.

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